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Our Story

We started in 1997, when we formed a small company that focused on website design and online marketing. Back then, online marketing meant banner ads and some search engine listings, but nothing like online marketing today. Websites were basic and programmed by hand. Along the way, the founders began to understand that small to medium businesses needed and wanted to get online, but were too overwhelmed with all the logistics that come with running an online marketing campaign. Many businesses thought that if they simply built a website, people would come. Unfortunately, that may have worked in the 90’s but does not work today.

Being on top of the search engines takes a lot of knowledge and hard work.

Portside Marketing, LLC was created in 2011 to provide much-needed services and solutions for small businesses. Attaining Google page one rankings and delivering new clients through effective website marketing, Portside Marketing remains one of the top marketing companies in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and abroad.